COVID-19 Update

Mortdale Eyecare staff have all met the requirements to operate safely and have completed the Infection control training for COVID-19. We continue to sterilize and disinfect our frames and rooms before and after each appointment. You are assured that we are taking every precaution to care for your health and safety.

Please wear a mask for your appointment. 


Your eyes are beautiful- not for how they look, but how they see. 

Our Services

Retinal Photography 

 for early detection of Diabetic

Retinopathy and Macular degeneration.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for early detection of glaucoma and macula edema


Eyesight Test 

 for your driver's license

Computerised Visual Field Assessment for glaucoma and neurological issues

Therapeutically endorsed

We can prescribe topical medications for eye infections and inflammation 

Testing for glaucoma and macular degeneration


We have a special interest in Children's vision and Behavioural Optometry. 

We have vision training programs to help with tracking

and reading fluency.

Thank you Mortdale 

For 35 years

you've trusted us to care for 

3 Generations

25,000 people and 

50,000 eyes

Our Team

Vinita Nand

Masters of Optometry, Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics 

Alice Calleja

Optical Dispenser/Frame stylist

Jessica Chen

Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)

Therapeutically Endorsed

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Address: Mortdale Eyecare, 1 Morts Road, Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia

COVID Lockdown Opening Hours:     


9AM - 5:30PM      | Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

9AM - 12:00PM      | Saturday

Opening Hours:     


9AM - 5:30PM      | Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

9AM - 12:00PM    | Saturday

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